About Us

Ai Florist is a dedicated click and mortar flower retailer, attentively serving and fulfilling all our customers' floral needs, regardless of the occasion. Chocolates, soft toy, fruit basket and candy are also selling as our ancillary products in a wide variety of colours and styles. Ai Florist is offering online services which can be accessed 24 hours per day. We bundle flowers and provides delivery service to the customers on receipt of customers’ order, so we are able to respond to their particular needs. Extensive information about Ai Florist includes types of flowers, promotion packages, means of order, delivery zone, and payments are available in Ai Florist website. The website will be updated frequently in order to provide spot information to our customers.
                Company website is available at: www.aiflorist520.blogspot.com
                Company contact no is:   07 - 7723 3344

The company vision is to become the top grade florist in providing the shop front as well as online service for the customers.

The company mission is to provide the satisfied online services to the target customers who make the order via Ai Florist website.

Map of Aiflorist